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I picked up our new chinchilla on Friday. She's so cute! Severn isn't really all that far away, but it's just far enough to make me feel like I was in the car forever. She was very skittish most of the weekend, but she's starting to warm up to us, especially now that she has a name (Daphne). The apartment is starting to look pretty good. There's still a bunch of unpacked boxes, and nothing is hung on the walls yet, but it looks so much better than it did just a few days ago. Cox still sucks, but I think everything is squared away for now. It's gotten cold again, which I'm not very happy about. And apparently we got an inch of snow on Saturday morning, though I'm not sure where that was measured. Perhaps someplace slightly farther north, like Canada. It looked to me like we just got a dusting on the grass. In any case, it's cold and icky and I want my spring back, even if it means the pollen that comes with it. I'm tired of wearing sweaters to work. *sigh* We had a nice Easter dinner at my parents' house last night and had an egg hunt (I think Emily won). Mmmmm, ham and mac and cheese. Also, I had the strangest dream last night where in my dream I was really tired and kept having trouble keeping my eyes open. Apparently I was so tired last night that even my dreams were tired...

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