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Hooray! My birthday present showed up on Saturday! I exhibited what I consider to be a pretty remarkable show of restraint by running our various errands before hooking up the Wii. After it was plugged in, the rest of the night kinda just disappeared. I have to say, the games are taking a little getting used to with the new controller types, but it is a lot of fun so far. I haven't opened Zelda or Prince of Persia yet. Given my experience with the last iterations of those games, I will require several hours to get into them and then they will subsequently consume innumerable more hours of my life. Until I have that kind of time available (and am not using it for things like, I dunno, Oblivion), I've got Redsteel, which was really hard to get the hang of at first, but is a lot of fun as well now. Also, the new Sonic game is very Sonicy, but kind of hard to control since the moves are so different. Super Paper Mario, which I've only watched Emily play so far (yes, Emily likes playing with my Wii as much as I do - I swore I wasn't going to start making these jokes, oh well!), is incredibly awesome. I'm very excited about my new toy and all the fun things I can do with it (including surf the internet and make reasonably accurate dopplegangers of anyone I wish). Yay video games! I have to admit however that the various sports games are a lot of work for an out-of-shape video gamer, but are easy to pick up and something that would be fun for a group of people who had never played before.

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