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Also today in the stupid things that annoy me category: Airline ticket prices. How are they determined and why do they make no sense? Sure, I understand that in general a flight on a Tuesday is going to be cheaper than one on a Friday. It makes sense that you would charge more for people going on weekend trips by upping the cost to leave friday night and return sunday night. I totally get that. But the timetable by which rates change for the same flights are ludicrous. Here's my new favorite example: Since my parents aren't coming down to Savannah, and I see no reason to spend an extra couple days in Atlanta while Emily visits her friends, I need a flight back to the DC area. Airtran 187 from ATL to DCA costs $174 if you buy it on their website. If however I want to fly from Savannah to National instead of out of Atlanta (which of course means I have to transfer in Atlanta), you can book Airtran 661 from SAV to ATL and Airtran 187 from ATL to DCA together for the outrageous cost of $94. Um, wait, to take the same flight as before, plus an extra flight, costs about half as much? I don't even know where to begin with all the things that don't make sense about that. No wonder airlines are all bankrupt...

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