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In less irritating news, things are going pretty well. Dave's out of town all week on vacation, so I'm holding down the fort. So far nothing has gone seriously wrong (we did lose power today for about an hour, but that's really beyond my control anyway). I had a good weekend of doing very little at home. The secret is just to get started on something and it'll snowball. But the Wii is so tempting... Ben and I installed a new over-oven microwave for Mother's Day that wasn't really that difficult. It was just time consuming and somewhat annoying to do without the proper tools. But it looks good now that it's done at least. My mom is still recovering from surgery, but seems to be in pretty good spirits all around, and we're all hoping she rebounds in time for our trip to Savannah. Wedding planning is coming along, and I think we'll probably have a big flurry of activity once we get back from Savannah if not immediately before. Not too much else going on. Just business as usual I suppose.

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