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I'm back from my trip to Norfolk. I think security people everywhere have to pass some sort of "I'm on a power trip" test as well as a maximum IQ of 80 test to get their positions. I arrived at 1 pm on Wednesday, got kicked out of the pass office at 4:30, went back at 5:30 am when they opened and was there until 11 when they finally realized they'd had my paper work all along, they were just loooking at the wrong thing. Grrr... So I missed the start of my 6 am training, but I slotted in at 1 pm instead. As much as I detest getting up at 4 am two days in a row, I feel even worse for the sailors who not only sat through two 12-hour days of training, but also had to stand their regular watch on top of it. I got home around 3:30 on Fridya and collapsed for 5 hours. I'm still not sure my sleep schedule is back to normal yet. Emily left for Santa Monica on Saturday morning, so I've got the place to myself (well, plus the animals) for a couple days. As long as it's not a disaster when she gets back, I'll consider it a success. Saturday I had lunch with my parents, who decided not to join us in Savannah this time around because my mom's still not feeling up to travelling after her surgery. I'm kinda bummed, but there will be other opportunities and I guess that means I get to be the sole representative of my side of the family in any decision making processes. Yay! Sunday I did nothing but watch movies and play video games all day. It was totally awesome. I started the new Zelda game, which, as expected, consumed 3.5 hours the first go round. Then I played a whole lot of Oblivion too. Gotta make up for lost time. Plus I'm going to be gone all next week, so I have to get my fix while I can. ;) Finally, Tim requested a review/analysis of Avril's latest single, so I'll try to get to that this week too.

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