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Things have been so busy the past 7 weeks or so. June is more than half over and I barely remember May at all. I've been travelling a lot and then we were in Savannah for wedding stuff and we're getting all our plans in order to leave for Maine next weekend. I'm very excited about this trip. I've never been up that way. Pop-pop and I went hiking in Vermont and New Hampshire, and of course I've been to Groton, and I had a brief visit to Boston when I was interested in MIT, but I've never made it all the way to Maine. We've got a lot of things planned to see and do, but nothing so rigid that we can't try something different if an opporunity presents itself. Work is going fine. We're kind of in a lull at the moment, so while I have plenty to do, most of it is the kind of annoying stuff thst we kept putting off before. So we're actually inventing work for ourselves because it's more fun that way. There's an easy way that's annoying or a hard way that's fun. Hmmm, tough call on that one. ;) If we were pressed for time, yes, of course we'd go the easy route, but we're not, so fun way ho! Wedding stuff is coming along, though we still have a couple big items left to check off. We've got a date, a ceremony location, a reception location, a priest, a photographer, a cake, and a blocked hotel, so I think we've got the most important pieces covered. We've got a temporary rehearsal dinner site which I'm not sure is going to be able to accomodate us fully, but at least we have a backup. We have a couple other ideas, but we really need to look at the places again since a monkeywrench got thrown into the mix last time. Emily's going home in mid-July for a friend's wedding, so maybe she can pop her head into a couple places before we make a final decision. We haven't decided on a homeymoon location yet either. I think we've narrowed it down to Hawaii, Aruba, the Virgin Islands, Malta, southern France, or eastern Spain. I'm a little concerned that the Meditteranean may be somewhat chilly still in mid-April, so we may be sticking to either Hawaii or the Caribbean, but we'll see how that works out.

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