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I'm starting to get really frustrated with our varsity football team. We're losing winnable games by making dumb playcalling decisions and racking up penalties at the worst possible times. I still maintain that Gailey didn't deserve his midseason contract extension last year, and if it's not being proven right now, I don't know how else to make our AD see it. I'm willing to give Gailey one more year because we have a new QB and a new OC this year. We were so close to being a 13-1 team last year, that to be this inconsistent this year is downright painful. We're probably out of the running for a conference title after losing to Maryland, and we're probably headed for another 7-5 season. I hate to be so down on the team, but it's support a team this inconsistent because you never know which team is going to show up. We'll beat VT and then lose to Duke. It's halfway through the season and I think Gailey's already used up all the goodwill he earned with the Coastal Division title and Gator Bowl appearance last year.
In more upbeat sports news, our flag football team is looking good. We handily beat UNC on Sunday (41-6 I believe). We lost to them last year 7-6, and they're one of the better teams in our league. It was nice to see everything operating so smoothly. I'll take full resposbility for allowing their touchdown to ruin our shutout. Is it sad I'm more pumped about our flag football team than our varisty team? I also mangled my left middle finger somehow. It's like it's jammed, but way less painful. It's a little swollen and quite black and blue. *shrug* At least it's not dislocated like the guy on UNC's team. Or bleeding like Kristin's nose. Or as visible as the mark on Marcus's forehead from Joe's latteral back to himself on a touchdown run. For a non-contact sport, it's really pretty dangerous. ;)
Wedding things are still moving along. Emily's been dress shopping. I need to get my act together and organize tuxedos. We've got hotel stuff taken care of. Save the Date cards went out last week. We still have a lot to do, but it's nice to feel like things are kind of on cruise control for a little while. Time is flying by though and it's going to be March in no time. Which brings us to the bachelor party. I'm opening the floor for suggestions. Certainly I have my own ideas, but I want your degenerate suggestions in order to reinforce how great my ideas already are. ;) It will tentatively be Thursday night, Friday night after the rehearsal dinner, or Saturday before the wedding, or perhaps a combination of the above. I also wouldn't rule out doing something around the holidays as a warm up in addition to a more low-key party the weekend of the wedding. Ground rules - no bars (exception - sports bars since the wedding is the weekend of the Sweet 16), no strip clubs or strippers.

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