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Last week I had to go to Groton unexpectedly and on fairly short notice. Late Wednesday afternoon I found out I had to go and was on a plane Thursday morning. Whee! Weather up there wasn't bad for this time of year either. Maybe a couple degrees colder than here in DC. I had minimal problems getting on base this time and fixed the problem within an hour. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a flight home until Saturday morning. So Friday I hung around the sub and did some additional crew training and some more troubleshooting and investigation into the cause of the problem. Still not sure how it got the way it was when I arrived, but given the people working on it before me, I have no faith in their abilities to not totally screw something up. Since its off-season in New England, I was able to stay at the posh Hyatt in Mystic instead of the adequate Groton Motor Inn. That also meant Mysic Pizza was just up the street. Although, you can't get single slices and the smallest pizza available was too much for me to eat in one sitting (or for breakfast at 6:30 am the next day), so I skipped actually eating there and opted for a great cajun place a block or two up called the Voodoo Grille. The trip was otherwise uneventful. I still don't think my presence should have been necessary. But it's always nice to know that my arrival signals a vote of no confidence in a Ph.D.
My sleep schedule was all sorts of messed up on Saturday. I got home at 1 pm and took a nap during the lackluster early-day football games. GT beat Duke by a decent margin, but I understand we gifted then a whole bunch of points, so it should have been much more one-sided. I really hope we can get past UNC to reach .500 in conference, guarantee a winning season (albeit another Gailey 7-5 signature effort), and get some momentum before Georgia shows up on our doorstep.
Sunday our flag football game wasn't until 2 pm, so it was reasonably warm and we had a huge turnout. I like when we have a lot of people, but at the same time, it means I don't get to play as much. Most of the season I've been subbing with one other person, but we had 4 rushers on Sunday, so I only played 2 series, though I did pick up a TFL near the end of the game to help clinch a victory. Iowa walked all over us the first half, but then either they fell apart or we finally woke up. It was all GTDC in the second half as we picked up a 13-12 win. I'm a little dissapointed we gave up 12 points as that matches the cumulative number of points we've allowed since mid-September (also the last time we allowed an point-after converstion). Iowa is the best team we've played since the opener, so I'm glad we beat them. I think we're in great shape for post season as we face an awful UGA team next week and a good UVA team two weeks after that before we close against a medicore Emory team as a rain-delay makeup game. Tim has said he's not going to coach again next year unless we win the championship, so we're trying hard to make that happen.
Now I'm back at work. It feels weird having been out of the office since last Wednesday. I took yesterday off to compensate for having to travel on Saturday, and also for Veteran's Day (how is it I'm always near submarines in mid-November?), and to help Emily make taste-test 3 batches of cupcakes. Plus, thanks to Thanksgiving, I don't have to work another Friday until December. 1 Friday out of 5 this month ain't bad, and that one was backed up with cajun cooking and a swanky hotel (my room had a 42" HD tv and a huge L-shaped couch, a mini-fridge and a wet-bar).
I worked out late yesterday afternoon for the first time in probably 8-9 months. I have to admit that it didn't feel all that great. It's going to take about 2 weeks to convince my body I'm doing this on purpose. Stupid doctor's orders... Speaking of which, I need to get going soon so I can go home and work out before dinner.

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