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Happy 2008!
Emily and I had a great Christmas in Savannah and a fun New Year's back here in Fairfax. I immensely enjoyed my 12 days off from work. I told people I'd check email periodically in case anything important came up. That never happened and I couldn't care less. It was so nice to totally unplug from work for a while and just relax.
I got some nice presents this year, now I just have to find time to use them! The frigid weather today made me glad for my new hat and scarf. And the dancing lessons my parents gave us are going to come in handy so I don't look like a total dope during our first dance (uncoordinated tool maybe, but not a dope). I wore my new GT hoodie during our losing effort in the Humanitarian bowl - now's it's forever tainted I'm afraid. I also got some games and movies that I'm going to make time to play/watch somehow. I scored a ton of Valve software from Steam in their after-christmas sale for a huge discount that I'm also quite excited about.
On the way home from Savannah, we stopped at South of the Border to buy fireworks for New Year's. I see that place from the road all the time, but I've never stopped there. If you've never been, you're not missing much. The fireworks were good though.
The wedding is going to be here before we know it. 87 days by my count. Yikes! I'm picking up our wedding bands today after work. Emily has her final dress fitting on Friday. We got cleared to wed by a priest over the holidays, having completed all our prewedding counseling, which, I have to say, was much easier and less intrusive than I was expecting. Our to-do list is still a mile long, but I think we're getting to the point where we can start farming out some jobs to other people to help close things out.
I swear I had some other things to talk about but I can't remember them now. *shrug*

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