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It's been a busy week and this week is shaping up no differently. The ice storm on Tuesday put a damper on elections and a planned dinner with my dad. Wednesday night we had our dance lessons. We're learning a lot, but still need a lot of practice to look smooth and like we didn't actually have lessons (our stated goal). Thursday we had a really nice dinner at The Prime Rib downtown. It's a very classy (without being snooty) restaurant that has a kind of 50's revival of the 20's thing going on. Lots of black with gold trim, nightly piano and bass performances, and really well prepared food. Not exactly an everyday eatery when you get the bill, but a really nice romantic spot for a special dinner.
Friday I had to work late teaching a class. It generally went well, but I don't especially enjoy doing it. It's not even really supposed to be my job anymore, but the guys taking over have been dragging their heels. And it's more important to me that the crew of a billion dollar war machine be well-trained than me not having to be the one to train them. So whatever. On a day-to-day basis, I basically love my job, but I'm starting to get tired of all the peripheral stuff I have to do just to be able to do my job. I came across a posting for what sounds like a very similar job elsewhere and decided that it's worth at least investigating even if nothing comes out of it.
Saturday I finally caught up with my dad for lunch. I had my yummy Outback ribs and we had a good talk about a number of relevant subjects including work, buying a house, marriage, family, and so forth. It was nice to kind of catch up. Once upon a time, I dreaded father-son chats because they usually meant I was in trouble or something else bad was going on. Sunday Emily and I ran some errands and tried out our brand new Belgian Waffler (the resulting waffles were delicious in case you were curious). We met my mom at the craft store to hash out some ideas for the rehearsal dinner and just make sure everyone was on the same page.
I'd been hoping to see Brian while he was in town and we had tentatively planned to hit up the Spy Museum on Saturday, but at 10 AM, he was already out at Udvar Hazy and it looked like the day was a no-go. Sunday we had talked about maybe Great Falls, but the weather appeared to be less than cooperative, certainly not as nice as Saturday or today. Anyway, he's back in Florida now I suppose and we didn't get to visit while he was up, but then again, we'll all get to hang out two weekends in a row when we head down to Savannah for our wedding and then Melbourne for Tim and Teragram's.
This week looks equally hectic with Emily's parents arriving on Friday and the apartment in a currently less-than-presentable state. We've certainly got the time to scrub everything down though. Then this weekend is Emily's bridal shower and my Dave & Buster's trip to look forward to, so at least there's some fun after all the cleaning!

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