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By now I really should know better than to ever leave my apartment on the weekends, especially if it's to go anyplace that shopping is involved. All I wanted to do today (after my spectacular failure, yet again, of getting my tattoo, and besides finding out after the fact that GT won, which we did!!) was go use my $25 off coupon to buy some black and white wing tips to go with my tuxedo. Apparently DSW doesn't carry them in any varieties whatsoever. I would like to have asked the manager if that was true, but he was not in his manager's booth when I went to go see him, and with the store being mobbed by roughly a hojillion rabid women, I was in no mood to get my eyes clawed out by asking a cashier to speak with the manager. So my 40 minute round-trip to a store 1.4 miles from my house yielded nothing but frustration and anger. Note to self: Don't ever leave the apartment between 9 pm Friday and 9 am Monday; there are worse things than bears outside - other people.

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