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To save myself the painfulness of recounting it again, i'm just cut and pasting what I Imed Emily:
XchaosdawningX (6:08:21 PM): :'( one of our gouramis is dying... last night i noticed him swimming in a different place then usual, but not realyl swimming very much. although when i fed them he seemed to be eating okay. but this morning he was righ tback in that same place and not really moving aroudn liek the other fish. today when i came home he was pointing mouth up and tail down behind the filter intake, and when i tapped ont eh glass he was unresponsive. so i ind of nudged him a bit and he sort of flitted off sideways and got stuck in a plant and just lay there sideways. :-( so I netted him and pulled him up into a corner to try to see what was wrong with him. I tried to give him some food but he totally ignored it. his scales aren't all glossy like usual and his color is all washed out. so i isolated him in a separate container and i'm just going to leave him be to die in peace now. :-( poor fishy...

Auto response from emilytsav (6:08:22 PM): being domesticated!! :-D

XchaosdawningX (7:03:24 PM): saddness!! the other gourami is hanging around right underneath the container where his friend is dying and he keeps bumping into it like he can't understand what's keeping them apart. :'( who says fish aren't smart.... this is so sad! i mean, they're just fish, but they're way smarter than i think peopel give them credit for. poor gouramis... one is dying and the other's heartbroken. :-(

Auto response from emilytsav (7:03:24 PM): being domesticated!! :-D

emilytsav (7:07:38 PM): i'm going to cry

Auto response from XchaosdawningX (7:07:39 PM): :'(
(gouramis are too smart for their own good)

emilytsav (7:07:42 PM): :'(

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