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How does a team beat Duke twice in one season, and then lose not once, not twice, but thrice, to Clemson in the same season? Maryland's even more bipolar than Georgia Tech... ESPN Recap - Clemson vs. Maryland Pity too, I think Maryland/UNC would have been a good matchup. NC State/Wake should be good tomorrow though, and then I expect Duke to obliterate UVA who just slipped past Miami in the opening round today. If we make it past VT, I don't really want to play UNC, but if Clemson manages to sneak past them, I'll be scared of them too. But a win over VT would probably be enough to get us into the NCAA tourney and since I've all but given up any hope of actually winning the ACC tournment anyway, I guess that's the best thing that could happen to GT now. Hopefully I'll actually be able to watch some games tomorrow.

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