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Calendar is back. Not really the way I want it, but whatever. Without it up there I'm quite liable to forget important events. I wanted a 3 month calendar in table format that highlighted the date if there was an even there and when you clicked on it or moused over or something it would pop up the info about an event. I tried and tried to make it work, but no matter what I did, either my javascript didn't work right or when it did the table wouldn't align right and screwed everything else up. So I'm giving up and doing it this old stupid way instead (which still looks kinda funky too, I know). If I forgot your birthday, I'm sorry, I don't have my calendar at work, this is from my somewhat-flawed memory. If I got your birthday (date or age) wrong, I'm even more sorry, I should know better, but I'm at work, and just threw this together quickly. Feel free to leave irate comments lambasting me for being a bad friend and so I can correct my grievous errors.

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