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Holy crap... Clemson has been walking all over UNC. Is UNC just beaing lazy because they know they have a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament locked up already? Are they just bowing out to avoid risk of injury to their players before the big dance? I hope not. Dean Smith would never have stood for such shenanigans, and neither would Kansas-era Roy Williams, but with the pretentious-UNC-asshole-era Roy Williams now coaching, who knows. Maybe Clemson is just on a hot streak after beating Maryland last night? Oh well. I wish I had a TV in my office, or that I didn't have to work today. I don't have that much to do since the bay downstairs is FUBARed and our fileserver up here is on the fritz, so I have to stop what I'm working about ever 30-40 minutes anyway. I should just go home and watch the GT/VT game at 2:30. I won't, but I should. D.C. is turning into upset city. What's next? UVA leading Duke by 13 with 9 minutes to go later tonight? Now I have to sit here and keep refreshing the game to see what happens and if UNC makes a comeback or not. So much for productivity. GD should block the word basketball from the web server from now until the first week of April so I won't get distracted...

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