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Tale of the tracker: for the first 3 months I was recording visitor stats, I was getting about 315 hits per month. Then I met Emily and her friends at the end of August 2003. My hits from September through December jumped up to about 570 per month. Then Brian moved down to Florida and my hits went up another 150+ hits per month. It then stayed reasonably consistent until Emily left for Brussels. In June and July 2004, I was only getting about 600 hits per month instead of 700-800. Then Emily came back, and my hits went back up. Then school started and my parents moved to Tel Aviv and my hits went up again. Now I'm averaging about 900 hits per month. It's funny to try to correlate hits per month with occurances in real life and see how they sync up so well sometimes.
(Can you tell I'm bored here at work?)

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