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It is such a nice day outside! It's sunny and not windy and warm enough to go out in just short sleeves! =) It's almost spring. Hopefully my allergies won't kick in like they used to in Atlanta around this time of year. Of course, Atlanta was way worse when it comes to pollen, so I might be okay. It's probably geting close to 60 right now and it's supposed to be similar weather tomorrow morning, then getting cloudy in the afternoon before rain in the evening. Hopefully I can get my brakes done while it's still nice out tomorrow. But I'm just happy we're getting a little nice weather. Kind of makes me want to play hookey for the rest of the day. Too bad I have a ton of work to do. Although, really that's okay because it'll keep me busy so I'm not sitting here wishing I was elsewhere and so the time passes as quickly as possible between now and when Emily arrives tomorrow evening. =)

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