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Since it's getting close to lunch time and I'm getting hungry (funny how I get hungry an hour earlier when I get to work an hour earlier...), I thought I would mention that I went to Logan's after work yesterday with Dave, Manish, and Todd. And lo and behold, our old bartender was there!! His new job is going well apparently, but he doesn't get his first paycheck until March 28th. So he needed to pick up a few shifts at Logan's to make ends meet until he gets paid. Who ever heard of having to wait over a month to get your first paycheck? That's like FCPS telling me they only issue paychecks once a month instead of bi-weekly like every other sane company on the planet. Oh well. So anyway, it was nice to see our favorite Logan's temporary-ex-ex-employee last night and to give Todd a hard time when he wanted to see a menu and couldn't just ask for the usual. We left the guy a pretty nice tip though, so I'm sure we made him happy too.

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