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Poor Emily is stuck in awful awful traffic because of an accident at 3 pm today on I-95 that closed the entire road exceot the right shoulder. There had better be a whole mess of dead bodies for this to still be a problem at 7 pm. She called me at 6 to say she was at Potomac Mills, and when she still wasn't here, I called her just now expecting to see her car pull in as soon as I called. Apparently she just a few minutes ago got onto 123 and of course traffic is moving slow as molasses there too. VDOT, as usual, blows. Emily's threatened to write a letter (which she could have done already with the amount of time she's been sitting in traffic) and I'm irate as well because some dumb accident from 4+ hours ago is keeping my girlfriend from me. And it's nto just the slow cleanup and poor traffic management, it's the lack of notification to motorists about the incident and the lack of giving them alternatives to sitting in barely moving traffic for hours. You can go to hell VDOT. I learned to hate you doing my Eagle project when I was 16 and here we are 7.5 years later and I still hate you.

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