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Why isn't it tomorrow yet? Or at least COB today? Tomorrow is very exciting and I'm trying my best to stay positive about it not not let my cynical tendencies creep up too much. Not that I have anything really going on tonight, but I can't wait for tomorrow. Opening the day we have a flag football game against William and Mary. We played them in the preseason tournament and it was ugly. Like, they beat us with an ugly stick that grew from the ugliest tree in the most acrid soil in existence. I don't remember the score, but I have problems counting that high, and suffice it to say that none of the points were ours. In any case, I think our defense has improved exponentially since then, so I don't expect the same blow-out, but if the offense doesn't get itself in gear, we're going to drop another close game. Anyway, I'm excited about that game, maybe we can get a little revenge. But then there's a huge ACC matchup later that evening when GT goes to Death Valley. I'm so excited about this game that it's actually overshadowing the growing fear of GT's annual WTF game where we just get obliterated by someone for no good reason. Don't get me wrong, I still have nightmares of Woody Dantzler tip-toeing up the sideline completely unhindered to beat GT in overtime in BDS. I know all our recent games ahve been close, which is all the more reason that a huge implosion is emminent. I'm okay with losing this game, so long as we beat Miami, we'll still likely win the ACC Coastal division. But if we lose, I really hope it's respectable and that Clemson just outplays us. I don't want to go down in flames in a 49-10 rout or some other horrific outcome. Anyway, like I was saying, this sense of impending doom is still being outweighed by excitement, and I hope it stays that way at least until about 9 pm tomorrow. And if all else falls apart, there's fried chicken and corn bread to look forward to for dinner. Mmmm... Emily makes the best fried chicken. =)

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