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Friday was quite the yucky day. Saturday was marginally better, but still chilly and damp. Kinda too bad for all the stuff that was going on, but oh well. Chris and Shannon's wedding reception/baby shower was fun and well attended. Turns out that Matt was also heading out to the Caps game that night, and then Caryn got roped into going as well, so we had quite the contingent. After a brief detour in Springfield, we arrived at the area just as the players were being introduced. The Caps jumped out to an early lead over the defending Stanley Cup holders, but they started out the second period with a bang themselves. Caps eventually won it 5-2 with a hat trick by Alexander Semin and some light brawling. A pretty good home opener and some rabid fans. Meanwhile, I've been checking my phone, dejectedly waiting for the Maryland@GT final score. Maryland should have won that game, but the offense channeled the Joe Hamilton-era heroics and pulled ahead late, then the defense came up with a huge stop to secure the win. So, while I'm glad Tech won, I'm even more happy we managed to win in a situation where we would normally have lost. Many people point to that as progress. I call it the "Ohio State Factor", as in, better lucky that good. Not that they aren't have a dominating season, but it certainly fits their usual MO. Anyway, I'm glad we won undeservedly and avoided the post-big-game-letdown for once. Hopefully this will become more of a trend and I'm especially hopeful that we'll use the near-loss as motivation to practice our butts off before going to Death Valley on the 21st. I'm dissapointed that Wake lost, but you all knew it was coming sooner or later. Just like we all know Rutgers is going down. And $10 says Boise State stays undefeated longer than USC. So apart from cheering the GT escape, I kept checking for Tennessee updates and kept being dissapointed by the fact the dawgs were always ahead, but at least teh Vols were keeping it close. But then, bam! 4th quarter action! 27 points to close out the game and win it 51-33. Kudos to Phil Fulmer's team. Sunday Emily was in Philly for the Flogging Molly concert, so I went over to my parents' for a late lunch. The unpacking is coming along, but they've sworn to never move again. I suggested opening or donating to a museum since they've accumulated such an exotic and eclectic array of things from everywhere they've been. We talked about work they wanted to do on the house sometime in the future. I suspect it will end up about the same as all the work they talked about doing on their last house. My dad left last night for a tour of his new domain, which most notably includes Iraq. So naturally, we're all on pins and needles for the next 10 days until he gets back. The chew monsters have developed a taste for plaster which (although I'm sure I've already forfitted my security deposit now) needed to be stopped while I still had walls that didn't completely resemble swiss cheese. Otherwise things are fine. The weather is wonky as per the usual for this time of year. I just hope the weather stays nice enough on the weekends for flag football to remain fun. Once it gets too cold and rainy, the fun ends pretty quickly even though the game doesn't. October is flying by and it'll be time for a trip to Atlanta before I know it.

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