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Our flag football team lost to Purdue on Saturday which was kind of dissapointing after we beat them in the preseason tournament. Our defense scored both of our touchdowns and the offense didn't make the extra points, so Purdue's one extra point ending up being the deciding factor in our 13-12 loss. But our defense (based loosely on the Tenuta zone blitz theory) is pretty stout. So hopefully we'll have some more wins down the road once the offense starts clicking again.
Which is a lot like what happened on Saturday with the Tech v. Tech matchup. Our offense was on fire in the first quarter and VT's defense was leaving huge coverage gaps, so after jumping out to an early 21-0 lead, we were able to coast to a victory. However, until the score said Final, I was nervous because I've seen us blow games like that before. VT put the pressure on and tightened the gap as our defense got tired and with 15 seconds left, they still had a chance with a TD, 2 point conversion, onside kick, and a long field goal to tie or hail mary TD to win the game. Fortunately, they didn't convert their 4th and goal and I was able to breathe again.
As for all this talk about GT and ACC Championship, let's just drop it until November. I would love to play in that game, I would love to win it, and I would love to play in the Orange Bowl. But it's the first week of October. We've only played two conference games. Yes, we took an important step in beating VT. But we need to not turn around and lose to Maryland next weekend. We need to at the very least beat Duke and UNC. If Miami continues to struggle, we may not have to beat them, but if that's the case, someone else needs to beat VT, so we certainly have our work cut out for us. Playing at Clemson will be extremely tough, and while NC State is strugglign as well, I'm not writing off having to play in Raleigh either. We have a lot of tough football ahead. It's too early to start talking championship. Besides, Wake is 5-0 and tied with NC State at 1-0 in conference (leading the Atlantic division) and Maryland's conference opener is in Atlanta next weekend. A lot can (and probably will) happen between now and Dec 2nd in Jacksonville. It'd be nice to get there after a long string of winning but unimpressive seasons, so let's make that a goal, but not get our hopes up so high just yet.

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