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It was a pretty eventful weekend. After my muscles finally started feeling better, I was able to work out a bit and get loosened up Thursday and Friday, which I think was really helpful for Saturday. Our preseason flag football tournament went well. We got trounced by William and Mary in the opening game, but almost all their scorign was in the first half. The second half, things started to come together on defense. The second game was against Purdue and between our defense and some huge special teams plays, we came out on top, so at least we weren't relegated to last place even after landing in the loser's bracket. Our first regular season game is on Sunday, and then we play both Purdue and W&M again later this season, so we'll be better prepared next time. After getting rained on at the game, we headed home from Anacostia to shower and nap and watch a little football (M - go Blue!) before heading up to Merriweather to see Jon Stewart. That guy cracks me up. The opening act was pretty funny too - Mike Burbiglia (or something to that effect). His bit about bears in Alaska had Emily and I in stitches. Jon talked for about an hour and a half, mostly about politics, but there was a good mix of other topics thrown in there as well. His bit at the end about his dog Monkey was spot on. After we found our way out and sat in traffic for a while, the drive home was smooth and then it was straight to bed. Sunday I slept in, updated my Chaos Rankings, added some additional features to the software, and then went over to my parents. The wanted to celebrate my promotion, so I suggested Outback cause I wanted to eat half a pig. No one told me I was supposed to save room for dessert! Dessert was yummy, but a bit too much food. Then we played with the girls and went to bed. And I'm not ever that sore today. A little stiff, but nowhere near as incapacitated as I was this time last week.

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