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In the immortal words of one Mr. Murtaugh, I'm getting too old for this shit. Really, I'm too out of shape, but we'll just pretend it's cause I'm old instead of lazy. Although we have been working out pretty regularly the last couple months. We had out flag football practice on Saturday, and after spending most of Sunday curled up in pain on the couch, I'm definitely still feeling it today. Naturally, playing football requires a lot more flexibility and muscle movement (especially the fast-twitch) than running on a treadmill. So of course I'm quite sore. Just walking is a chore, but at least I can get in and out of my car and office chair with less difficulty than yesterday. On the plus side, it's all my muscles that are sore and I had very little problem keeping up with the other teammembers during our scrimmage with Johns Hopkins. To top it all off, I got burned pretty badly because like an idiot I forgot to put on sunscreen. So I look like a cooked lobster and feel like a 90-year old. Hooray! I can't wait for our tournament this weekend. We're guaranteed to play 2 games and may play up to 4. Should be fun though!

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