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How is it that rockstars always manage to make the worst decisions? I mean, I know I'm very resistant to mass media and main stream culture, but I like to think that I know a little something about music. I was dissapointed by INXS picking JD over Marty last year when Marty was clearly the more talented and more savvy choice. So much so that I bought his CD instead of INXS. This year Supernova has been all about how awesome Lukas is, and I just don't see it. His voice is annoying and his spastic antics are retarded. I think he's really a Tazmanian devil. Oh wait, the one from down under was Toby, who was clearly the better choice to front the band. He has a better voice, better looks, better stage presence, and I think is a better fit with the other bandmembers personalities. But then, what do I know? At least now I don't have to be dissapointed that they're not coming through DC on their tour. Stupid rockstars.

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