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Emily and I had dinner at Mike's in Springfield last night. We went there a couple months ago because we had a good coupon, but once we arrived we realized our coupon was only good M-Th and not the Saturday that we were there. But thanks to a salad snafu, we got free dessert and a reduced bill anyway. Since our coupons were expiring at the end of the month, we ventured back over after work. They were fresh out of the entree I wanted, so I got a ribeye steak instead (which is hard to complain about), but I really wanted the other thing and Emily had halibut which looked really yummy. Our salads arrived this time, and they make a darn good caesar salad over there. Then we tacked on two desserts. But with our coupons, and including tip, we got out of there for $40. That's a pretty good deal, and the food is pretty good, but I don't know that I would ever go there again without similar coupon savings. Fortunately, the service this time around was way better than the first time too. It's just that they have a relatively limited menu to begin with and then when things on it are unavailable, it's a little dissapointing. Or it might be worth going just for salad and dessert. I dunno. But we had a good date night and certainly got our money's worth out of them. Now I'm all hungry again. Good thing it's lunch time!

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