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Thank you Boston College! The Eagles just made Georgia Tech's job a little easier by beating VT 20-3. Obviously, we still have to win a few more conference games ourselves, but with VT at two losses now, we're in a much better position to win our division. And we already beat UVA and VT head-to-head, so a win over Miami would virtually seal the deal, even if we lost to Clemson and NC State. UNC and Duke would have a lot of work to do to catch up to us, but that doesn't mean they can't play spoiler, so we absolutely cannot look past them (regardless of the impending UGA game or the possible division title). Miami being dealt another loss would help out a lot too, so Blue Devils, let's get it together next weekend. Really though, I don't want to pull an FSU and back-door our way into the ACC Championship. I want it to happen by us beating the other good teams. We're on our way with a win at VT. We have a chance to make a big statement at Clemson. But ultimately, division wins are more important than other conference wins, so if we take take out Miami, I will be cautiously optimistic in planning a party (after I get back from the post-game party in Atlanta) for Dec 2nd.

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