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Since I know how much everyone loves reading all my football mumbo-jumbo, I went ahead and posted my college-football-related stuff to Chaos Rankings. In minor sports related news, we lost our flag football game to UNC by a final score of 7-6. Losing by one is going to get old really fast. I think in general we're just too disorganized. *shrug* It's still fun. It'd be more fun if the refs we've had didn't suck, but I'm not going to judge since I haven't reffed a game yet (though I did become a CAN-certified (barely) ref on Saturday). I'm sure it's harder than it looks. I had to go rescue Ben this weekend when he locked himself out of his house. That kid is so unbelievably accident prone. He wrecks his car on the way to a job interview, goes to the wrong location for a different interview, his phone breaks in half, locks himself out. It's like he's cursed! Maybe the most recent round of mishaps was Friday the 13th related. Other than that I just watched a lot of college football on Saturday. Sunce We were pretty lazy. We did go to Target, the pet store and the grocery mart. We tried to get better at football by playing NCAA Football 2K3 (I'm a much bigger fan of Tecmo Super Bowl myself). I had intended to go test drive some cars yesterday, but I just wasn't up to the hassle of dealers. Maybe next weekend after GT stomps Clemson. But first there's a very long week (for me) to get through first.

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