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Interesting. Apparently we're moving to a company-wide 9/80 schedule next year. So I'll get every other Friday off in exchange for working 9-hour days every M-Th (which I basically do already). At first I was excited about this. Until I found out that the change is at the expense of our current flex system which I really like, and could use to basically have a 9/80 schedule if I wanted to as long as no one I work with objected. It's been really nice when I've taken sick days because then I can use the next week to work a few extra hours so my sick day becomes a sick half-day. Or if I'm planning to take off on a Monday, I can make up most of the hours during the previous week and not actually have to use much vacation time. Oh well. Not having to come in every other Friday certainly has its advantages, but the system is certainly less flexible than what we already have in place.

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