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I'm not always the swiftest person around, especially when it comes to pop-culture (Emily routinely crushes me on that category in Trivial Pursuit). But I was listening to Nightwish's Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea instrumental from their 2001 Wishmaster tour the other day. It's a kick-ass song and all. But from the first notes, it kept striking a chord (no pun intended) that made me feel like I'd heard it somewhere before. Well, duh, it's a compilation of the themes from Crimson Tide and Deep Blue Sea, both of which I flipped past on TV last night. I mean, I knew the song title the whole time, but somehow it just never clicked in my brain that the reason it sounded familiar was because it was based on the themes from the two named movies. *shrug* The song still kicks butt regardless of where my occasionally-slow-witted self thought it's origins might have been.

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