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I hope when I'm almost 80, I have the same drive and fortitude as JoePa. Aftering getting bowled over in the Wisconsin game, he eventually agreed sullenly to leave the game with a broken leg, had surgery yesterday, and was already reviewing game film and preparing for their next game that night. That's amazing. Most 79 year olds are soaking up the sun in Florida this time of year. Not Mr. Paterno. He's on the sidelines every game, even when violently ill with the flu. He takes a hit that breaks his leg and tears some ligaments, an injury which usually heals itself in time, and opts to have surgery to heal faster so he can get back on the field. How many nearly-octogenarians insist on needless surgery just so they can get back to their daily routines faster? Joe Paterno is superhuman. Based solely on what I saw on Saturday, I think he outlasts Bobby Bowden and eventually retires sometime around 2015 with unbreakable records not only for most games won but also for years and games coached.

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