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So last weekend I didn't feel all that well, but it had subsided mostly by Sunday morning in time to go see the Redskins beat Dallas with Tommy and have Steph's stuffed pumpkin for dinner. Wednesday was Ben's 23rd birthday. Hard to believe he's 23 sometimes, make me feel old. That and high school kids. We went to see Sarah's production of To Kill A Mockingbird at Herndon, which was really well done. And in the program, all the kids were giving shoutouts to the class of 2007. Wow. I was friends with several people who were in the class of 96, not to mention the number of people I knew who graduated in 97. Which means my own 10 year reunion is creeping up. Yikes. But then again, the ticket guy asked if we were students and I thought about just saying yes to get the half price tickets, but I didn't really think he'd believe me. I mean, really, do I look 15? Please. I may be feeling old, but I have absolutely zero desire to be in high school again.
Anyway, on to other things. Crazy week in football with Rutgers knocking off Louisville on Thursday and then all kinds of upsets on Saturday. It's shaping up to be a great bowl season too. Emily and I are hoping to be able to get tickets to our bowl game, wherever it might be (hopefully Miami). Despite the nice weather on Saturday, I spent most of the day inside pigging out, sleeping, and watching football. Except for venturing out to the play of course. Sunday morning we had yummy brunch with Laura and Greg and her parents, David and Charlotte and the kids, and the Shaydas. Then we got turned around in Old Town looking for the Crate and Barrel and went home instead. Emily made brownies and we just sort of vegged out.
A pretty good weekend all around after a frustrating week of running PVTs at work. But those are basically overwith now. I'm blaming PVTs and the weather for making me sick. Maybe I'll be taking a couple sick days this week. I do need to get caught up on some video games. I'll be an odd sight, huddled under a blanket in front of the TV, tissues stuffed into my nose, wearing my "Not Leaving the House Today" pants. Can't wait. I think I'm delirious already. Is this a fever I feel coming on? Great, infection's already setting in. Grrr...

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