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I'm finally over being sick. Sort of. I'm still a little sniffley now and then, but I feel 99% better. Despite still strugglign with illness, I had a great weekend. Satruday morning way too early Emily picked me up for our flag football game. We beat UGA into the ground. For my part, I played awesome, knocking down two passes and putting a lot of pressure on the QB. Apparently being on drugs makes you better at sports. Who knew (you know, besides all pro athletes)? Then we had yummy Potbelly and watched a little football before heading out again. We got tickets to the sold-out Patriot Center to see Wichita State play GMU. It was Mason's home-opener and against a team they beat in the Sweet 16 last year. It was a good game, but Mason's free throw shooting was attrocious and they have no inside game. I could count their offensive rebounds on one hand with a couple fingers to spare. So naturally, they lost, but it was close, and a good time. My mom brought her GT shakers and I think was having more fun pretending to be a cheerleader than watching the game. Good thing we were sitting in the last row where no one could see us. ;) Speaking of which, we ran into the Leeths (present and former) after the game and got to visit briefly with Erin's baby Payton. Then more sports ensued as we watched Michigan fail to beat OSU. Lousy Buckeyes... I hate them so much. I think I hate Notre Dame more though, so I think it's actually good they lost because it'd be almost impossible to move ND ahead of Michigan in terms of competing for a national title. Then it was time to play with fuzzies and go to bed.
Sunday was much less busy and much more low key. I slept in until I was good and ready to get out of bed. Emily and I went to go see Happy Feet. The concept of a tap-dancing penguin is just hilarious. Parts of the movie were really creative, and the animation was stellar. I thought I was going to have to punch an 80-year-old lady in the face because she came in late and wouldn't shut up and then wouldn't stay in her seat. But that finally died down and I could enjoy the movie. Nothing else going on really. My car is having more issues that are making me lean more and more towards a new car. I'm thinking about taking a half day tomorrow and going to test drive some. There's also a new project starting up at work for SOCOM that I'm going to be working on. I don't know much about it yet, or what my level of involvement will be (since I'm already fully tasked with my current project), but it sounds interesting. Anybody who introduces a project to me as a retired Seal and throws in "black ops" every few sentences is A-OK (or just a good salesman) in my book.

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