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i need a non-school-related project to work on. I think my computer case is about as modded as it can get before it ceases to serve its function. My monitor is already painted jet black and it looks gorgeous. My car isn't worth putting much money into. I mean, yeah, it woudl be fun as hell to put on a flowmaster cat-back exhaust and a new ram air intake, maybe a new throttle body, and hell, why not replace the whole intake manifold while i'm in there and really clean out my cylinder walls. but then again, my car is 13 years old and worth maybe $1200 with a full tank of gas. it's already got a smooth sound system and i'm reluctant to put any more money into it knowing that i'll be graduated in less than a year and desperately be needing a new car for my full time job. And with any luck (*crosses fingers*) I should have a 77 t-bird to tinker with by then anyway. So back to the issue at hand - I need a new pet project. I suppose I could completely strip my bass and refinish it. I wonder if tommy ever finished doing that with his old guitar... Oh well, maybe I'll just go back to my video games, as productive as that is... Got any ideas? Email me.

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