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you know you're a nerd when:
you go to Barnes & Noble to get a new Michael Slade novel about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Special X division which investigates international homicides. Only before you even get to the fiction/literature section, you see a book covered with fractals in the mathematics section that sidetracks you. Then, 1.5 hours later when the store throws you out because they're closing, instead of buying your new Michael Slade novel, you leave the store with a book coauthored by Whit Diffie and Marty Hellman about the evolution of public key encryption and the struggle of RSA Data Security, Inc trying to keep the NSA off their backs.
So yes, because I got so enthralled by the mathematics shelf, I never even made it 15 feet away to the fictional novels I meant to go buy. I am indeed a nerd.

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