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Let's talk about why Saturday was awesome, in chronological order:
- I slept until 11:30
- I ate awesome tailgating burgers for breakfast
- I got my spot on my wall for the band's parade into the stadium
- I met up with Emily who sat with me during the game (yay!)
- GT was winning at halftime
- GT broke the "second-half curse" by shutting out Auburn after halftime
- Reggie Ball plays so much like Joe Hamilton it's scary
- GT's defense is the best I've seen in my 5 years here
- GT upset overrated 19th-ranked Auburn (6th-ranked last week) at Bobby Dodd 17-3
- I was one of many who rushed the field to help tear down our goalposts
- I got to give Reggie and Keyaron Fox high fives
- I had my chance to punch Suggs in the face for all the heartbreak he caused me last season, but restrained myself
- I went for a very relaxing swim after the game
- I was on SportsCenter tonight (twice) for about half a second!

Notes: We haven't beat Auburn since 1978, and haven't even played them since 1987. They used to be our biggest rivals after UGA, but because the rivalry errupted in violence on several occasions, they stopped scheduling the schools to play each other as out-of-conference games. It's a rivalry I've been wanting to see again since I first got to Atlanta, and it would seem the Yellow Jackets have drawn first blood against the team many people thought had a shot at a national title this year. Hah! Suckers...

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