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political compass.org is such a great website. Every time I go there it reminds me of why I can't stand GWB. He's my polar opposite socially and economically. See, I'm basically an anarcho-communist. I agree with a lot of the ideals of communism, but know they don't work out in the real world. Similarly, anarchy sounds good on paper, but I enjoy living too much to think anarchy would actually be a feasible societal order. So I'm about halfway between center and pure anarchy and center and pure communism. That puts me smack dab in the lower left quadrant of Mr. Political Spectrum. This chart should help illustrate my point. I fall somewhere right around Nelson Mandela and The Dalai Lama. Also, Gandhi was in the same area, he's just not on this chart. Now look at dirty old Bush way up there in the upper right. Blegh... ;)

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