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why FOX has their heads up their asses:
-the simpsons should have ended 2 years ago
-futurama never should have been cancelled
-futurama shouldn't have been given a time slot that was continually bumped by football
-i have yet to watch an episode of family guy without laughing uncontrollably
-they probably won't go through with purchasing any new family guy episodes
-mike judge should go back to making office space caliber work
-they keep paying for king of the hill
-texas sucks
-titus was hilarious
-andy richter controls the universe was hilarious
-greg the bunny was hilarious
-x-files just wouldn't end until after it had become the worst show on tv
-at least they finally found a consistent night and time to show that 70's show for more than a month
-they made that 80's show

and that's just what i came up with in 2 minutes... fox produces a lot of great shows, they just don't seem to stick around. idiots.

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