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With UNC accepting the Continental Tire Bowl bid, the post-season picture for the ACC is shaping up. Florida State will almost definitely take the Gator Bowl because it's closest to Talahassee and FSU doesn't travel well. Miami or VT will get the BCS slot, and whichever team doesn't will go to the Peach Bowl as a concellation prize. Virginia will then likely attend the Tangerine (I will never call it Champs Sports) Bowl, even if they lose their final game to VT. With Clemson's inelligibility thanks to the brawl with South Carolina last weekend, the only remaining bowl eligible team is Georgia Tech. That means we'd fill the remaining ACC tie-in bowl and return to Boise, probably against UTEP. I would be okay with this. However, I figure the ACC owes us for screwing us with so many western bowls the last 3 years in a row, so they may fight for us to get the Tangerine instead of Virginia. Not lilkely, but possible. I'll bet Orlando is as nice on Dec 21 as it was on Jan 21. ESPN's "experts" predict us going to the Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl. I'm not sure how or why. This is not an ACC tie-in and the Humanitarian Bowl is. We'd have to get another team to fufill that comittment if the ACC sent a team to Vegas instead of Boise. I know the Pac-10 and MWC are struggling for elligible teams, but I just don't see how that gets an ACC team into that bowl. The only explanation would be that the Humanitarian Bowl doesn't want GT there 2 years in a row. *shrug* I guess we'll just wait and see. It would be nice to have a bowl game in my own time zone for a change though.

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