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Man, i'm glad I don't live at Collier Ridge anymore, I'd have to drive way out of my way if I wanted to get Wendy's.
"Around 8 a.m., Atlanta firefighters were called to the scene of a fast-food restaurant in northwest Atlanta near Interstate 75.
A firefighter suffered a cut to the hand during that blaze, which occurred at Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers in the 1700 block of Howell Mill Road.
Authorities said the blaze at the restaurant, which suffered heavy smoke and fire damage, started at the rear of the eatery. Workers stood outside and watched while crews fought the fire.
The blaze was extinguished about an hour after it started. Crews said the cause of the blaze remains under investigation." - WSBTV

My old Wendy's caught on fire this morning!! How sad :(

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