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Radio Shack employs dirty dirty liars who should be purged from the earth. I needed some speciality fuses and much to my surprise, Radio Shack actually carries them. So I called them up at 7:45 to ask how late they were open. The guy said he was open until 9. So I figured, no big rush, I'll finish my dinner and then head over. So I get there at 8:15, roll by the front of the store. Seems kinda dark, but a lot of Radio Shacks have those tinted windows, and besides, the sign on the door says "Come in, we're OPEN" So I try to come on in. But I can't because they're closed. Yes. Not only did the guy who works there lie to me, because the store hours on the front door clearly state M-F 10-8, Sat/Sun 10-6, but the sign on the door lied to me as well, because I don't know what their definition of "open" is, but in my dictionary, closed is the damned opposite of open. Bastards.

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