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How to make up for a shitty weekend full of schoolwork in 7 easy steps:
1) Go to the Atlanta Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park with Tiffany 2 years ago.
2) Raid the Q100 (gay radio station) tent when the guy isn't looking and take 200 shiny stickers.
3) Live with Rob until you want to stab him in the face every time you see him.
4) Move out into a nice apartment and let him move into a shithole.
5) At 4 am on a Sunday, sneak into shithole apartment complex through broken gate.
6) Apply a healthy number of shiny (mmmm, shiny....) Q100 stickers all over his brand new Jetta (with, get this, laser cut keys! holy shit that's so cool).
7) Laugh hysterically because driving the Jetta hints that he's gay, but advertising his love for Q100 confirms it.

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