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I've had a fantastic past 2 days celebrating my birthday, unfortunately, now it's time for studying. I hate how my birthday always falls so close to final exams so no one ever wants to do anything. Oh well. Friday night Tim and I hit up Chilis for some chips and salsa before seeing Kill Bill: Volume 2. (Nerd Alert: Although I'm over my "linux phase," I still think this is hilarious.) Saturday I spent most of the afternoon packing before getting a summons from Emily around 7:30. She made me a delicious dinner, served in a gazebo, by candlelight, and topped off with sparkling pear juice and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Mmmmmm... We slept in today and then had more strawberries to go with our cinnamon rolls for breakfast. But we decided we weren't ready to get up yet and went back to bed for a couple hours. All in all this has been one of my more memorable birthdays, if only I didn't have to study and finish packing this week. Thanks to everyone else who couldn't be here to celebrate, but sent me cards and/or well-wishes :)

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