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Go to hell Hotmail. Every other email service I've ever used notifies its users before a planned server outage, or at least updates the service status if unplanned downtime occurs. Okay, so maybe a drive crashed. I refuse to believe that a company like Microsoft doesn't have a RAID setup, or at the very least, redundant backup servers. They're hardly scraping the barrel for profits, so it's not like they need to scrimp and penny-pinch on equipment, especially for a high profile service like Hotmail. I love how Google has now beaten Microsoft at everything web-based but building a browser. And given another couple years, and I can easily see a Google/Mozilla browser dominating IE too. Stupid Microsoft, stupid Hotmail. All I want to do it check my email. Is that too much to ask? For the last 2 hours, apparently yes. Grrr...

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