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Holy crap it's cold in my office... It's even chilly in the lab, and that's never a good sign. I guess they've turned on the A/C, though I can't fathom why since high temperatures during the day have only been in the mid 60s the last couple weeks and I don't think that's expected to change anytime soon. At least it's cold rather than hot; it makes staying awake easier. Unfortunately, my going to bed at 2 on Friday night became going to bed at 3:30 on Saturday night and 2 last night as well. I slept like a rock once I was in bed, but 6.5 hours simply is not enough sleep for me. Especially when no matter when I go to bed I'm awake by 10 am on the weekends. There's no way to "catch up" on lost sleep per se, but going to bed earlier on the weekends would be a good way to prevent the need for "catching up." Stupid body...

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