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A ha! So, I've been trying to figure out on thsi season of That 70's Show where I know the guy who plays Randy from. He just looks so familiar... So today, since no one else is in teh office, I went home for lunch, and was watching Celebrity Poker. Well, Seth Meyers from SNL (he joined around the time I quit watching completely) was on there and as soon as I saw him smile, I was like, YES, that's where I know him from! Randy, played by Josh Meyers, is Seth's younger brother! Apparently, being the younger brother also means teh worse jobs since Josh was on Mad TV while his brother was on SNL. Say what you will about the decline of SNL, but I still think most people will agree it was better than Mad TV. In other That 70's Show news, at teh end of last season, there was a character who just appeared out of nowhere and then promptly got killed off, who I swear I kenw from somewhere. I figured this out a while ago, but just now remembered it. It was the same guy (Bret Harrison) who played Brad on Grounded for Life, who has that other new show (The Loop) starting on Fox soon (which doesn't look all that great). I swear, with both Masterson brothers appearing on the show, and all the various other guest stars, there's a 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon just waiting to be written about every single person in the show.

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