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In other sports new, GT is now on an 8 game losing streak after losing a close one to FSU last night (while I was busy toiling away at Lockheed). In the last 2 weeks we've lost 3 close games (2 points or less). There have been a couple very bad calls in the other teams favor, but if we were really worth anything as a team, it woudl never have come down to those lousy calls to decide the game. Close calls are what separate good from bad. We don't win them. Good teams would. Look at every close call Duke has had, and they've found a way to win. Our next 4 games are unlikely to be wins as we host NC State and Duke and play at Maryland and UNC. It'd be nice to be on a 12 game losing streak before we play our last home game against the only team currently worse off in the ACC than we ware (Wake) and then go to Clemson for our last regular season game. If we're lucky, we might be playing Wake for not-last-place bragging rights... *sigh* Remember how less than 2 years ago, we were tearing through the NCA tournament before losing to UConn in the National Championship? I know the team has talent, I can see it. They're just woefully inconsistent and make sloppy mistakes. But why should I expect anything less from GT athletics. After all, our motto isn't "Excelling at Mediocrity" for nothing... I'm just crossing my fingers that all the losses will help the team come together next year and we'll at least be right back in the thick of the ACC race. Until then, I'll just cringe when I look at our box scores and remember the only quality win we've had this year over BC.

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