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The Bon Jovi concert last night was a lot of fun. The opening band was Fools And Horses from Baltimore. They would have been a huge WHFS band in the mid to late 90s, but I have a hard time believeing they are very popular these days. I mean, yeah, they opened for Bon Jovi, but still. They sounded like Earth To Andy crossed with Better Than Ezra crossed with the Stone Roses. Not bad, just not that great either. They played about half and hour, and then Bon Jovi played for a little over 90 minutes. They played every song I knew, so I'd say it was a good set. We had pretty good seats too, in front of the stage and to the left in the second tier. Despite being a bunch of old fogies at this point (though hardly Aerosmith or the Rolling Stones), they still rock pretty hard. Richie can still shread on guitar, including the double and 12-string varieties. Tico's biceps are as big as my thighs, so you know he's going to be drumming well into his 60s. Jon's still rocking the MacGuyver hair cut, and I think he's the only person on earth who can still pull it off. He opened up on a platform in the middle of the crowd, and then walked through everyone to get onto the main stage. Later he reappeared in the stands for a couple songs. It was funny to watch the women around him just swooning when he shook their hands. Funny because it was them and not Emily... She was laughing too, but she'd have done the exact same thing had he ventured up to our section. Jon is quite the charming fellow though, so I guess I can't blame her. I mean, if I could pull off skin-tight leather pants and a gold leather jacket, and wasn't losing my hair, and had his smile, I'd, well, I'm not really sure where I was going with that. Whatever. Two complaints about the show - the first couple songs, Jon sounded very tinny, but that was quickly attended to by the sound board guy and the keyboards sounded a lot like mic feedback several times. Otherwise, great show and a lot of fun! =) Also, single guys - if you want to meet girls, go to a Bon Jovi concert. I think the ratio was something like 15:1. Most of them will be divorced 45 year old women from way out in the boonies, but hey, beggars can't be choosers right? We rode the Metro home with a lively group of 5 women from Winchester who just kept getting funnier and sadder simultaneously the longer we were on the train. I knew as soon as I saw them they were from way out there, cause they haven't bought new clothes or changed hair styles since Bon Jovi's first record hit stores. Hi-larious!

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