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Many people are familiar with my theory that the worse a band is, the louder they play. Distortion and volume effects in the human ear cover up sloppy mistakes, lack of instrument proficiency, and overall suckiness. However, is the reverse true? The louder a band plays, the worse they are? In general, I would say yes, but is it causal? It's kind of like the chicken and egg debate. However, let's examine two of the bands who have held the Guiness World Record Book title of "Loudest Band on Earth:" Manowar and Motorhead. Certainly, loud bands have some good company. Now, I think you'd be hardpressed to accuse either band of suckiness. Therefore, loudness does not necessarily imply suckiness, but suckiness tends to produce loudness. This is a good thing, because it seems like I just can't listen to Undoing Ruin at a low volume. Come to think of it, I couldn't listen to any of Darkest Hour's records quietly. From the very first chords, you gotta crank the volume and bring the mosh.

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