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I just read this article in the Post about black lawmakers having problems reconciling their religious beliefs with their traditional support of civil rights over the issue of gay marriage. This is stupid. First off, as an elected law maker, your personal beliefes (religious or otherwise) should have nothing to do with any decision you make; you should be following the will of the people you represent. Second, your religious convictions are not supposed to directly influence your judgement as a law maker, despite the current administration's example. Furthermore, the whole issue of gay marriage is retarded. I'm sure someone's brought it up before, but it's never gotten any coverage as far as I know. Modern science is doing amazing things. Let's say that man-on-man marriage is illegal. Now let's say I want to marry my life parter Jake. What's to stop Jake or me from getting a sex change, then getting married. Then, after having legal documentation of our marriage, changing back? Does this nullify our marriage? What about couples who get married and then the transsexual finally comes to terms with the fact that he is really a woman trapped in a man's body. But his wife and best friend support him all the way through his gender reassignment and want to maintain their marriage. Is this going to be illegal now too? Or do they forfit their 25 years of marriage? Can a court nullify a marriage if both parties want to stay married? Can hermaphrodites get married at all, or even better, can they marry whichever sex they want, can they marry a man, divorce him, and them marry a woman? Is there a legal precedent to establish what sex a person with both sex organs is and therefore forcing them into a nice neat little quantifiable package? If you're going to outlaw gay marriage, you'd better make sure you close all the loopholes or you going to wind up making marriage law so convuluted that no one is going to be able to get married anymore. I of course think the whole thing is preposterous in the first place. If two people think they love each other, and are claim to be commited to each other, let them get married. With a divorce rate of 50% already, whats it going to hurt if a few slap fights ruin a few more marriages, gay, straight, or otherwise? "Think of the children! Won't somebody think of the children?" I'm no child psychologist, but I'm willing to bet children suffer more through a divorce, or as a result of daddy and daddy not being able to get the same tax breaks as mommy and daddy, or mommy and mommy not being able to get decent medical care because they can't afford the insurance premiums that would drop if they were married than they do as a result of growing up in a loving home with same sex parents.

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